The purpose of the church Youth Department is to attract, encourage and enlighten youth to participate in activities based on Biblical principles and teach them how to apply them to their lives through various activities.

The purpose of this board is to oversee the needs of the church,  organize programs to secure funding for the renovation and repairs and to ensure the church is  in good standing with all business matters are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

 Elder Prince Ferguson,

Assistant Pastor

The purpose of the Usher board / Greeter Department is to welcome and assist all attendees during service by providing a loving greeting, seating assistance, directions for offering, etc.

The Ladies of the LWWB work by going out in the community and sharing the love of Jesus by visiting the sick and shut-in, identifying families in need of help, and collection and distribution of groceries for the needy in the community.

The objective of the Mission department is to help develop strategy for spreading the gospel by various outreach such as evangelism and witnessing, outreach events and visiting homes to seek out the lost and praying in homes.

The purpose of the Pastoral Aide Committee is to assist the Pastor, plan her Appreciation and to make sure everything is in order such as her robe, water, etc. and also to help pulpit guests.  

Mae Rollison

Church Administrator

The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to assist in hosting church events by preparing food or refreshments for special church events  making sure the kitchen and dining areas are kept clean for and after all events

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to plan and coordinate activities that foster character building and fellowship among men. The ministry also provides opportunity for seasoned Men of God to mentor and encourage the young men in the Church 

 Current Leadership

A Deacon is a church servant.  Their role is to care for all people, especially members of the congregation. Deacons resolve disunity, build one another up and provide encouragement for the common good, edifying/uniting the church.

“Church mothers” are respected, older women who help support and younger women in the church. A "church mother” has lived many years and experienced some of the workings of God.  One of the duties of a church mother is assisting the pastor.

Minister April Smith 
Minister of Religious Education

The purpose of the Sunday School is the primary disciple-making arm of the church in which its purpose is to help individuals grow in the knowledge and grace of God through regular and balanced study of the scriptures. 

Elder James Rollison,

Associate Pastor

The purpose of the Transportation Committee is to provide transportation to our members and followers in order for them to attend our church services and events, participate in community activities and to fellowship with other local churches.